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Ship owner Eligibility

Vessels must be owned by a Dominica corporation, partnership, or a citizen or national. International owners are eligible to register as Foreign Maritime Entities, which requires each vessel to register at least one corporation under the International Business Companies Act of 1988.

A company formed under another jurisdiction may be registered as a Foreign Maritime Entity in Dominica for the purpose of registering its vessels under the Dominica flag. These entities must comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are formed.


The following documents must be submitted to R.J. Del Pan & Co., Inc. for provisional and permanent registration.

  • Application for Registration & Ship's Radio License
  • Proof of ownership (Bill of Sale for existing vessels; Builder's Certificate or Master Carpenter's Certificate for new buildings)
  • Confirmation of Class Certificate for existing vessels or a Certificate of Seaworthiness or Interim Certificate of Class for new buildings
  • Consent to transfer from existing registry if appropriate
  • Copy of existing certificate of registry
  • Minimum Safe Manning application
  • Cargo Ship Radio Station License (existing)
  • Application for IBC or FME Registration
  • International Tonnage Certificate (existing)
  • Oath of Owner
  • Power of Attorney
  • Mortgage Recordation (if applicable)
  • Registration Fees
  • Proof of P & I Insurance

The International Maritime Act of 2000 as amended governs the shipping industry, DOMINICA MARITIME REGISTRY INC. (DMRI), which operates exclusively as the "The Flag of Responsibility™," is accountable to the Dominica Maritime Administration, which is the enforcement agency for all matters concerning seaworthiness, safety, and seafarer qualification.

To ensure a smooth transition, DMRI accepts facsimile submissions provided the sender submits original documents within five business days. Once the above information is in hand, DMRI issues a Provisional Certificate of Registry (valid for 3 months) and Temporary Radio Station License (valid for three months).

Permanent Certificates of Registry are issued once DMRI has received and processed the following documentation:

  • Certified copies of Certificate of Classification (for convention vessels)
  • Commonwealth of Dominica Certificate of Tonnage Measurement and owner's acceptance
  • Commonwealth of Dominica Load Line, MARPOL, and SOLAS certificates
  • DMRI safety inspection report
  • Certificate of Cancellation from previous registry
  • Carving and Marking Note
  • Corporate Certificate of Good Standing


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